Logi Info Version 12.0.036 SP1 released on 5/27/2015

Change TitleChange Description
Export Excel - Locked rdDataCache FilesFiles created during Excel export in rdDataCache folder will no longer be locked.
Logi Studio - Connection.JDBCMetadata Builder Wizard now works with Connection.JDBC when it has Studio Connection with the appropriate Connection element as a child.
Logi Studio - SP's Parameters WizardSP's Parameters Wizard now adds parameters in the same order they are in the Stored Procedure. This ensures the right order of values passed from Logi Report to the Stored Procedure.
Logi Studio - Studio ConnectionStudio Connection element is now available under all Studio connections that support Metadata element.
Parallel Processing - ASP.NET ImpersonationParallel processing or multiple DataLayers or multiple Dashboard Panels will now work correctly with ASP.NET Impersonation.
Parallel Processing - Connection.SalesforceParallel processing of multiple DataLayers that use Connection.Saleforce will no longer generate an error.
Parallel Processing - Large Number of DataLayersError will no longer occur when more than 64 DataLayers are running in parallel threads.
Enhancement - DashboardNew Load Panels Plugin Call element is now available under Dashboards. It's used to access definition XML for Dashboard Panels.
Enhancement - Database Connection WizardVertica connection can now be created using Database Connection Wizard in Logi Studio.
Enhancement - DataLayer.ActiveSQLSql Condition Filter, found under DataLayer.ActiveSQL, now supports Include Condition attribute.
Enhancement - GaugesPerformance has been improved for Gauges created under Analysis Chart and Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - Report AuthorReport Author now has Generated Element Plugin Call element as a child.
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