Logi Info Version 11.4.046 released on 10/17/2014

Change TitleChange Description
ActiveSQL - Cyrillic CharactersDataLayer.ActiveSQL has been updated to now work with Cyrillic Characters.
ActiveSQL - SQL FormulasDataLayer.ActiveSQL will now return an error when Select statement is used in Analysis Grid's Formula or Sql Calculated Column element. This was done to prevent SQL Injections.
AJAX Request - Feedback Hide/Show Element IDReports containing multiple references to Feedback Show/Hide Element ID will no longer cause all Popup Panels to appear during AJAX Request on the page.
Analysis Grid - CaptionReports that contain a label with ID of "lblTitle" will no longer conflict with the internal Analysis Grid's caption identifier.
Analysis Grid - External Parameters Analaysis Grids using DataLayer.ActiveSQL will now retain Formula and Aggregation values during dynamic updates with external parameters.
Analysis Grid - ThemeNoWrapAnalysis Grid with ThemeNoWrap will retain the CSS class during pagination.
Chart Canvas - @Request TokensCanvas Charts will now correctly resolve @Request tokens that are referenced in the _Settings.lgx file.
Chart.XY - Date Format in JavaChart.XY has been updated to no longer throw an error when X-axis has dates in "MMMM yyyy" format.
Dashboards - Input SliderDashboard Panels that contain Input Slider in a Multi-Instance setting will now correctly pass Input Slider values to the Panel.
Dashboard - Load BookmarksDashboards that load a bookmark with an empty value for rdBookmarkID will no longer throw an error.
Dashboards - Multiple Instance PanelDashboard that includes a Multiple Instance Panel, and a Calculated Column that uses an Aggregate Column token will no longer append the Panel's instance ID multiple times.
Dashboard - Panel ParametersDashboard Panel Parameters that contain an Input Select List with a Default Value element and nested under a Division will no longer have Default Values override user selections.
Dashboard - Rename TabsRenaming of Dasbhoards Tabs in cirtain IE modes will now take immediate effect and not require a page refresh.
Dashboard - Transit ThemeTransit Theme was enhanced to make Add Panels popup in Dashboards look better.
DataLayer.Cache - Application_End EventThe Application_End event in IIS will no longer cause rdDatalayerCache files that are not expired yet to be removed from the rdDataCache folder.
DataLayer.Excel - Sort FilterExcel Column Names starting with a space character will now sort correctly.
DataLayer.Web Service - HTTPS Working with a WebService that allows HTTPS binding only, the Logi engine will no longer return an emtpy data set.
Dimension Grid - HeatmapThe Dimension Grid will no longer throw an error when a Heatmap is displayed and no data is returned based on filters.
Embedded Reports API - Input Checkbox ListThe Embedded Reports API will no longer truncate Input Checkbox Lists that are longer than the original height of the report.
Error Handling - Redirect Error URLErrors that occur during AJAX refreshes will now correctly redirect to the specified Redirect Error URL.
Event Logging - Row CountEvent Logging will now return row count for RunSP and RunSQL events.
Export Excel - Crosstab Table Header RowExcel Export will no longer remove custom Header Rows from Crosstab Tables after their display is toggled with Action.ShowElement.
Export Excel - Excel Sheet BreakExcel export will no longer throw an error when more than 100 occurences of the Excel Sheet Break element have been implemented in the report.
Export Excel - Group Summary RowGroup Summary Rows with Append Blank Rows attribute set, will no longer throw an error when exporting to Excel.
Export Excel - Single Line CSSExcel Exports will now process CSS with a style on a single line.
Export Excel - Summary RowSummary Row values will no longer be shifted in Excel exports if some columns don't have summaries and Keep Show Elements = True in Target.NativeExcel.
Export PDF - More Info RowPDF exports that contain a More Info Row with SubReport and Printable Paging will no longer throw an error during exporting.
Export Word - Greater/Less Than CharactersExport Word has been updated to now properly encode Greater Than ( > ) and Less Than ( < ) characters during exports.
Formatted Column - Thousands SeparatorFormatted Column will now correctly process Thousands Separator for other languages where it's represented by a space.
Input Chart Range - Chart.ScatterBoundaries will now be correctly applied when selecting Scatter symbols under Input Chart Range element.
Input Checkbox List - Values DisplayInput Checkbox List wil now correctly display selected values instead of numbers in the Caption after its display it toggled with Action.ShowElement.
Input Date - Keep Show ElementsInput Date with EventHandler as a child that has Keep Show Elements set to True in its Action element will no longer retain Calendar popup after a date has been selected.
Logi Studio - Database Connection WizardThe MySQL Database Connection Wizard will now process defined input port and not revert to the default port.
Logi Studio - SP's Parameters WizardThe Stored Procedure's Parameters Wizard will now correctly add parameters applying parameter direction: first Input and then Output Parameters.
Logi Studio - Team DevelopmentWhen unlocking files using Team Development, changing the positioning of elements within the definition and saving, changes will now be applied correclty.
Logi Studio - User SettingsLogi Studio users with "#" character in their names will no longer get errors in Studio generated from accessing User Settings file.
OLAP Grid - Caption Data ColumnThe OLAP Grid Caption Data Column value will no longer be overwrited by the Data Column value after selecting "Show just this member".
OLAP Grid - ChartsCharts created via the OLAP Grid and saved to a Bookmark will now retain the correct chart size when loading the Bookmark.
OLAP Grid - Dimension FiltersOLAP Grids with preconfigured Dimension Filters will no longer show duplicate Filter references in the Grid.
Printable Paging - Custom ThemesPrintable Paging Footer will now correctly apply classes from custom Themes stored in _Themes folder when exported to PDF.
Procedure.Send Mail - Missing TagsProcedure.Send Mail will no longer remove < or > from the Message-ID in the email's message header.
Procedure.SP - GUID ValuesProcedure.SP will no longer throw an error when inserting GUID values into the database.
Refresh Element Timer - Column Sort In Java, reports with automatic Ajax refreshes and Data Tables will no longer throw an error after 15 minutes of inactivity when Data Table is sorted.
Repeat Elements - Data Column SummaryThe Data Column Summary ID attribute is now tokenizable when used under Repeat Elements.
Scheduler - Template Modifier FileChanges to the Scheduler's "Start Date" and "Run On" labels via the Template Modifier File will now be correctly applied.
Scripting Engine - Calculated ColumnCalculated Column will now continue processing the rest of the DataLayer rows after calculation fails for one of the rows.
Tabs - Input File UploadInput File Upload element will now correctly upload files when not placed under the first tab of the Tabs element and Tabbing Style is set to Ajax.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid PanelsNew panels in Analysis Grid, like charts or crosstabs, will now get added to the top, instead of the bottom.
Enhancement - Auto BookmarkNew Auto Bookmark element automatically saves the current state of its parent element every time the user makes a change. The new element is available under Analysis Grid, Dashboard, and Report Author elements.
Enhancement - Bookmark ActionsNew Bookmark Actions are now available: Action.Copy Bookmark, Action.Drag Bookmark, and Action.Show Bookmark Sharing. New Actions help with organizing and sharing Bookmarks.
Enhancement - Bookmark OrganizerNew Bookmark Organizer element allows users organize Bookmarks into folders and share them among different users.
Enhancement - Chart.PolarThe Polar Charts will now support a Maximum Label Length, a Resizer and Legend Filters.
Enhancement - Crosstab Value FunctionCrosstab Filter and Analysis Grid Crosstab Tables now provide a 'Distinct Count' option as a crosstab value function.
Enhancement - Custom Dashboard PanelsCustom Dashboard Panels element has a new Add Caption attribute that can be set to change the default "Add to Dashboard" text of the button.
Enhancement - DataLayer.TwitterDataLayer.Twitter has been updated to use the newer Twiitter API.
Enhancement - Date TokenNew Date token is now supported: @ Date.180DaysAgo~.
Enhancement - Fieldset BoxNew Fieldset Box element wraps a set of entries, like radio buttons, in a box and sets a caption at the top
Enhancement - Input Select ListThe InputSelectList element now has the ability to display selections in groups, with a title or caption for each group. Use new GroupCaptionColumn attribute to set a caption and GroupClassColumn to set a style for each group.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Delete FilesWhen Studio users delete a file, such as a definition or support file, it will now be moved to the recycle bin instead of the file be permanently deleted.
Enhancement - Logi Studio GIT Friendly OptionA new GIT Friendly option is now available in Logi Studio. When checked, it disables writing of SavedAt, SavedBy and EngineVersion in definition files. It also creates a .gitignore file in the main application directory which tells GIT to exclude certain files and file paths from a GIT repository.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Metadata BuilderThe Metadata Builder now supports Vertica as a data source.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Query BuilderIn Logi Studio, the Query Builder will now run against Vertica data sources.
Enhancement - Metadata BuilderMetadata Builder has a new look and feel with more intuitive interface.
Enhancement - Metadata Builder Custom TablesMetadata Builder now allows for adding Custom Tables which can have Session parameters in the source query. Session parameters will be resolved at run time.
Enhancement - Metadata Builder Link to URLThe metadata builder will now allow URL links so that column values in the Analysis Grid can have links which go to managed reports or other URL.
Enhancement - Metadata Source as Web ServiceMetadata files can now be accessed via URL by setting Metadata Url attribute. This allows access to metadata stored as a Web Service or metadata files stored in custom locations.
Enhancement - Popup Panel FocusWhen displaying a PopupPanel, focus will be set on the first input element in the panel.
Enhancement - Report Author A new Report Author super-element enables end users to create formatted reports using charts and tables created in other super-elements, such as Analysis Grid.
Enhancement - Responsive ElementsNew responsive web elements (Responsive Row, Responsive Column and Responsive Visibility) allow sections of a report to wrap when the screen is small, or become visible or invisible depending on screen size.
Enhancement - Scheduler Error MessageThe attribute IncludeTaskResultErrorMessage can now be set in DataLayer.Scheduler to enable display of the error message connected with a failed Scheduler task.
Enhancement - Series.WhiskersNew Chart Canvas Series.Whiskers displays high and low values with whiskers on the end. It is used to show variability of data or to indicate errors or uncertainty.
Enhancement - Session Timeout ControlNew SessionTimeout element available in Settings can prevent errors caused by session timeouts by automatically keeing the session alive as long as the browser is open, or providing a popup window for the user, with redirection to another page if no user input is received.
Enhancement - Set Session Variables ConditionCondition attribute can now be set for Set Session Variables element.
Enhancement - Set Session Variables First Time OnlyNew Set First Time Only attribute allows the value to be set the first time only and remain the same throughout the session.
Enhancement - SSRM Bookmark SharingBookmarks can now be shared among different users. Sharing requres a new Constant goAllowSharing to be set to "True" and Security element to be set. Users can create shortcuts to shared Bookmarks or copy a shared Bookmark to their own folders.
Enhancement - SSRM Custom Tables Session VariablesA new Constant goCustomTableSessionVars was added to Logi Info's Self-Service Reporting Module. When Custom Tables use Session variables, all Session variables need to be listed in this Constant.
Enhancement - SSRM FoldersLogi Info's Self-Service Reporting Module now allows for Folder creation. Bookmarks can be moved or copied to and from the desired folders.
Enhancement - SSRM Logi Info ThemesLogi Info's Self-Service Reporting Module will now support all Themes found in Logi Info.
Enhancement - SSRM Report Author Starter FileA new Constant goReportStarterFile can now be set in Logi Info's Self-Service Reporting Module to make Report Author use a bookmark or another custom file as a start file.
Enhancement - SSRM Report Author Text EditingReport Author now supports Inline Editing for text labels. Clicking the label will take the user to Edit mode.
Enhancement - SSRM Schedule AdministrationLogi Info's Self-Service Reporting Module (SSRM) now includes a default report which Administrators can use to manage scheduled reports in SSRM.
Enhancement - HadoopHadoop will now work with Java environments, when used with HortonWorks 2.1 or Cloudera 5, and Apache Hive 0.13.0 and newer versions.
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