Logi Info Version 11.4.046 SP2 released on 12/8/2014

Change TitleChange Description
Action.Add Bookmark - Save Popup Action.Add Bookmark placed under Column Cell will now correctly save Bookmarks in Chrome and Firefox.
Analysis Grid - Data ForecastAnalysis Grid charts that have forecast line will no longer show the original column name in a forecast line's Quicktip and will properly display user-friendly name set in Analysis Grid Column .
Analysis Grid - Sort AggregatesSorting a grouped Analysis Grid on a column with aggregates will now sort the aggregate values while keeping the grouping.
Dashboard - Action.Add BookmarkAction.Add Bookmark will now correctly save Bookmarks under Dashboard Panels.
Dashboard - Add Panels PopupAdding a panel to a Dashboard in IE 8 will no longer throw a js error.
DataLayer.Bookmarks - SecurityDataLayer.Bookmarks will no longer throw an error when Security is enabled.
Export PDF - Multiple Data TablesMultiple Data Tables will now align properly when exported to PDF
Export PDF - Printer Page BreakExport to PDF will no longer throw an error when Printer Page Break is placed between two small tables that fit on one page.
Logi Studio - Metadata BuilderMetadata Builder will no longer throw an error when unsupported or user defined data type is being imported from Oracle database. Unsupported data types will not be imported.
Logi Studio - Metadata BuilderMetadata builder will now correctly select or de-select tables and columns with Oracle data sources
ReportCenter Menu - Template Modifier FileTemplate Modifier File attribute was added to ReportCenter Menu.
508 Compliance - Analysis GridAnalysis Grid updated with accessible 'header' attributes and 'for' attributes
508 Compliance - Crosstab TableAccessible Headers attribute was added to Crosstab Tables.
508 Compliance - Data Table ColumnThe output html was corrected to match the id in the headers attribute of the td tag (table cell) with the corresponding id in the th tag (column header).
508 Compliance - Group Header RowGroup Header Row element is now 508 compliant.
SSRM – BookmarksBookmark Description attribute is now set to empty for actionCopyBookmark in InfoGo.goShared report.
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