Logi Info Version 11.3.049 SP5 released on 8/18/2014

Change TitleChange Description
Bookmarks - Input Date ReformatBookmarks that save Input Date parameters will now save the correct Reformat Date value for both Start and End date parameters.
Chart Canvas - Globalization ValuesChart Canvas that make use of Global/Regional values, such as Short Date, will now correctly save the supporting regional files in the rdDownload Directory. This will help support Load Balanced environments.
Enhancement - Connection.VerticaConnection.Vertica now works with the Metadata element and can be used with ActiveQueryBuilder.
Enhancement - Multitenancy SupportMultitenancy can be achieved by adding SqlSource attribute to the Table tag in Metadata file and specifying a desired query, for example: TableName = "Orders" SqlSource="SELECT * FROM Orders Where EmployeeID = @Session.EmployeeID~"….
Enhancement - Studio Query BuilderLogi Studio Query Builder has been updated to now support ODBC connections to Vertica datasources.
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