Logi Info Version 11.3.049 released on 6/30/2014

Change TitleChange Description
ActiveSQL - Filter Comparison DataLayer.ActiveSQL will now support Filter Comparisons that contain a True/False value.
ActiveSQL - GroupingActiveSQL will now properly group datasets based on the Month time period.
ActiveSQL - SQL ParametersDataLayer.ActiveSQL with SQL Parameters will no longer throw an error when passing rdAgRefreshData.
Aggregate Column - DataLayer.CachedAggregate Columns will now get properly referenced under DataLayer.Cached in multiple tables in the same report.
Analysis Grid - Bookmarked Chart TitlesAnalysis Grid created charts will now retain the Chart Title when the Analysis Grid is loaded via a Bookmark.
Analysis Grid - DataLayer.LinkAnalysis Grids that implement DataLayer.Link will no longer duplicate the data set.
Analysis Grid - Filter with GlobalizationThe Filter function in the Analysis Grid will now abide by the Globalization language set when working with decimal values.
Analysis Grid - Group Filter and ChartsIn Analysis Grids that have Group Filters applied, when a chart is created and added to the Dashboard, grouping will be applied correctly.
Analysis Grid - Hide/Show ExportThe export buttons will no longer hide when Analysis Grid returns less than 100,000 rows which is the default of Max Rows Export attribute.
Animated Gauges - Aggregate ValuesMultiple Animated Gauges with Aggregate Columns will now correctly display aggregate values.
AuthSession Security - Session Expired The AuthSession security model will now take the user back to the custom login screen after an AJAX call has been executed during an expired session.
Chart Canvas - Bubble Series Bubble Series charts that contain text based X-axis values will no longer show a 'No data to display' message.
Chart Canvas - ActionsChart Canvas will now modify cursor display when hovering over chart components that allow for an action, such as a drilldown.
Chart Canvas - Data TableCanvas Charts placed in a DataTable under a Rows element will resolve @Data tokens for values pulled from the DataTable's Datalayer.
Chart Canvas - Date FormatChart Canvas will no longer throw an error when X-axis Label Style Format has a 'yy'.
Chart Canvas - Intrinsic FunctionsChart Canvas' Quicktips element has been updated to now support Intrinsic Functions.
Chart Canvas - Label FormattingY-Axis Label Style Format for Chart Canvas will now properly apply negative number formatting: ####;(####).
Chart Canvas - Label ValuesData values containing << or >> will now be correctly displayed.
Chart Canvas - Negative ValuesChart Canvas will now properly process and display negative values when Data Labels Format is applied.
Chart Canvas - Special CharactersChart Canvas will now properly encode data that contains an "&" when it comes back from a CrosstabFilter.
Chart.XY - Bar Color Data ColumnsBar Color Data Column for charts that contain a larger number of bars have been updated for better performance.
Chart.XY - CDML FormattingCDML formatting for Chart.XY's Chart Title will no longer cause an "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error.
Chart.XY - Data Interpretation Chart.XY in certain scenarios will no longer misinterpret numeric values when they fall into a specific number range.
Chart.XY - Drilldown with Legend FilterCharts that contain both Legend Filter and drilldown elements will no longer prevent the drilldown functionality from executing.
Chart.XY - Extra Grid LayerExtra Grid Layer with Chart Marks set to 'Include in Legend' will now correctly appear in the Legend.
Charts - Zero Rows MessageWhen static charts contain no data, and the Zero Rows Message has been set, the chart's display will now be consistent across all chart types and Themes. Unnesessary borders and labels will not be shown.
Charts Canvas - Hover HighlightWhen using @Chart tokens for the color attribute of Canvas Charts, hover highlight will not become disabled.
Dashboard - Group DrillthroughDashboard Panel parameters will no longer cause an error in another report while using Group Drillthrough in a Chart.
Dashboard - iOSDashboards have been updated to switch tabs correctly when viewing from mobile iOS devices.
Dashboard - Local DataLayersAll Local Data DataLayers will now rerun under Dashboard Panels when Local tokens are refreshed with an AJAX call.
Dashboard - PDF ExportDashboards configured for Free-form Layout will now properly export to PDF.
Dashboard - Save File LocationThe engine will provide a proper message when the Dashboard Save File location contains an incomplete path.
Dashboard Panel - Input Checkbox ListInput Checkbox List that contains Checkbox List Branch element will no longer duplicate the checkbox values upon passing them via Ajax call.
Dashboard Panel Parameters - Validation Dashboard Panel Parameters will now correctly support validation of the input values via Validation element upon Save.
Dashboard - Default Request ParametersDefault Request Parameters defined in one Dashboard Panel will no longer be used in another Dashboard Panel.
Dashboard - Multiple Instances PanelDashboard Panel that has Multiple Instances set to "True" and includes a Calculated Column that uses an Aggregate Column token multiple times will no longer append the Panel's instance id for every instance of the token.
Data Column Sort - Toggle Image Sorting on Data Table Column headers will no longer cause Toggle Image element to show/hide elements after Ajax call is executed in the report.
DataLayer.Json File - Array of ValuesDataLayer.Json File has been updated to now recognize an array of values in addition to objects and process both accordingly.
DataLayer.Webservice - Method Input ParametersMethod Input Parameters for DataLayer.Webservice will now correctly resolve tokens.
Dimension Grid - HeatmapDimension Grid will no longer throw an error when a heatmap is displayed and no data is returned based on filters.
Dimension Grid - Special CharactersDimension Grids that have dimensions where the name contains special characters, will no longer throw an error when creating a chart.
Excel Exports - Conditional ClassesExcel exports will now support more than 9 conditional classes per Data Table Column.
Excel Template - Localized Date FormatsExcel Templates will now adhere to the globalization value of the server when formatting datetime values.
Excel Templates - Numeric Data ValuesExcel Templates will now correctly display non whole numbers.
Excel Template - Charts in TemplateExcel Template Files that contain charts will no longer throw an error when Logi populates the template.
Formula Script File - Line BreaksCode line breaks used in a Formula Script File will now be properly processed and no longer throw an error.
Group Filter - Nested Include ConditionGroup Filters that include a child Group Filter(s) will now evaluate the Include Condition attribute of the nested Group Filter(s),
Gauge.Indicatior - SSL Applications When referencing a Gauge.Indicator element inside an Analysis Grid with SSL, Gauge will no longer fail.
Input Checkbox List - Branched LevelsInput Checkbox Lists that contain multiple nested Checkbox List Branches will now correctly expand the branches based on parent selection.
Input Checkbox List - Popup PanelCheck All function for Input Checkbox List placed under a Division in a Popup Panel will now correctly check all options.
Input Checkbox List - Passed ValuesThe Input Checkbox List will no longer pass values incorrectly when an AJAX call is executed.
Input Date - Time ValuesInput Date will now pass the correct date value in MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm format when the hour value is less than 1.
Label - Error Results ValueNew hidden constants provide additional control on managing divide by zero scenarios. The constant 'rdJavascriptInfinityIsError' lets a divide by zero result be evaluated as an error. The constant 'rdInfinityErrorResult' lets this be set globally.
License Validation - Extended SessionScenarios where a session has been extended into the next day will no longer throw an invalid license exception.
Local Data - Embedded SubReportsLocal Data element will now execute in an embedded SubReport on an AJAX call.
Logi Engine - Nested TokensThe Logi engine will now support partial nested Tokens. Example: @Local.sum@Request.inpSelValue~~.
Logi Java - Crosstab Count Crosstab Tables in Logi Java will no longer show Aggregate Count results with decimal placeholders.
Logi Studio - Attribute FocusLogi Studio will now retain focus on the appropriate attribute field after editing it and tabbing out.
Logi Studio - Case Sensitive AttributesChanges made to the case of an attribute value will now trigger Studio to recognize a change to the Definition, allowing the Developer to save the Definition.
Logi Studio - Element PlacementThe place of elements in Studio between the Tree view and the source XML will now remain consistent with each other.
Logi Studio - Find and ReplaceStudio's Find and Replace functionality has been updated to now only return results that adhere to the search criteria defined.
Mobile Dashboard - Free-form LayoutDashboards configured as Free-form Layout will no longer throw an error when viewed as a Mobile Dashboard.
MongoDB - Maximum Rows.Maximum Rows attribute that belongs to MongoDB DataLayers no longer defaults to 10,000 Rows and returns all rows when not set.
OLAP Grid - Calculated MeasuresOLAP Grids with multiple Dimensions will now add Calculated Measures correctly to the grid.
Panel Parameters - Calendar PopupClosing Panel Parameters that contain a Calendar Popup will now close the popup.
PDF Export - Template Modifier FilesPDF Exports will no longer fail when Template Modifier File sets localized values for Validation elements.
PDF Export - Chart Canvas with SSLPDF Exports that contain Canvas Charts and use SSL will now show the charts in the PDF correctly.
PDF Export - ImagesPDF Exports will now support fully qualified domain names for images.
PDF Export - Printable PagingCondition Divisions in the Printable Paging element will now display images when the condition resolves to true.
PDF Exports - Cell BarPDF Exports will now correctly display Cell Bars in the export.
PDF Exports - Printer Page BreaksPDF Exports in 11.3 and greater that require Printer Page Breaks will need to add the following Constant: rdPdfRenderingType = MSHTML.
Procedure.Send Html Report - Header ContentThe Content-Type header generated by Procedure.Send Html Report is now consistent between .NET and Java versions of Logi Info.
Procedure.SP - SP Return TypeAn error will no longer be thrown when Connection.SqlServer is used and the SP Return Type of Procedure.SP is set to "Return Value".
Quicktip - Format CharactersDisplay of Special Characters in Quicktips will no longer be encoded.
Quicktips - NULL ValuesTokens that resolve to a NULL value in Quicktips will no longer display "NULL".
rdComboLoader - FIPS CompliantThe rdComboLoader functionality has been updated to be FIPS compliant.
Scheduler - Connection StringsConnection.Scheduler will now support Tokens, allowing for dynamic Scheduling configurations.
Shared Elements - Recursive ReferenceShared Elements will no longer error out when referencing each other.
SQL Parameters - BigInt Data TypeSQL Parameters will, no longer truncate data values when the data type is BigInt.
Studio - Definition Sort OrderThe Definition sort order in Studio will now match between the tree view and the drop down views.
Tabs - Multiple Data Tables with ResizerTabs that contain multiple Data Tables that have resizable columns set to True will no longer throw a JavaScript error when columns are being resized.
Wait Panel - Multiple AJAX CallsReport Definitions that contain multiple AJAX call elements will properly show the Wait Panel for every AJAX call.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Input Selection ElementsInput Selection Point and Input Selection Range elements were added to Series elements under Chart Canvas. These new elements enable the chart to be used as an input element.
Enhancement - Aggregate Column The functions of the Aggregate Column will no longer take null cell values into consideration when performing the operations.
Enhancement - Analysis GridThe Analysis Grid Layout tab has been renamed to Columns.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Trend LinesCanvas Charts have been updated to now support Trend Lines.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas LegendWhen Chart Canvas contains no data to display, the associated Legend will now be hidden.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Side Label StyleChart Canvas has been updated to now support a Side Label Style element for Pie, Pyramid, and Funnel Series.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Maximum Label LengthChart Canvas will now support Maximum Label Length. The new attribute was added to the Label Style element under X/Y-Axis and Side Label Style elements.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Zoom ControlChart Canvas will now support Zoom Chart functionality. Zoom Control provides interactivity for the chart allowing the user to zoom in and out.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Hide AxisChart Canvas has been updated to now support the hiding of the X and Y axis with the new Hide Axis attribute.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Series.FunnelCanvas Charts have been updated to now include Series.Funnel.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Series.PyramidCanvas Charts have been updated to now include Series.Pyramid.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Series.WaterfallCanvas Charts have been updated to now include Series.Waterfall.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Data LabelsChart Canvas Series.Pie has been updated to support Data Labels. Two new attributes were added to Series.Pie: Show Data Values and Show Data Values Format. New Side Label Style element was also added. It allows customization of the label text appearance.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Data LabelsColor attributes that belong to Data Labels element will now support @Chart tokens.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas for WidgetsWidgets have been updated to now support Chart Canvas.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Series.HeatmapCanvas Charts have been updated to now include Series.Heatmap.
Enhancement - Data Table Column HeadersNew Column Header Class attribute was added to Data Table Column that will allow for individual Data Table Columns styling.
Enhancement - Improved Accessibilty for Data/Crosstab TablesNew Accessible Summary attribute was added to Data Tables and Crosstab Tables. It has no visual effect in ordinary web browsers, but can be used by screen readers and improve web page accessibility for tables.
Enhancement - Improved Accessibilty for Data TablesNew Accessible Headers attribute was added to Data Tables. Accessible Headers improve the accessibility/readability of tables.
Enhancement - Improved Accessibilty for LabelsTwo new attributes were added to the Label element to improve accessibility: HTML Tag and For.
Enhancement - Improved Accessibilty for Logi ReportsThe new Report Language attribute was added to the root report element. It is used to declare the language of a Web page and is meant to assist search engines and browsers.
Enhancement - Improved Accessibility for Interactive PagingInteractive Paging element has been updated to support Alternate Text. The following attributes were added: First Page Alternate Text, Last Page Alternate Page, Next Page Alternate Page, and Previous Page Alternate Page.
Enhancement - Improved AccessibiltyMore improved accessibility enhancements: 1) All input elements now output a Label tag in HTML output when element's ID and Caption are provided
Enhancement - Google MapsGoogle Maps will now support states that contain MultiGeometry coordinates.
Enhancement - PDF Exports to Support SVGCanvas Charts are now exported to Pdf as SVG objects instead of images. Unlike images, which have limited resolution, the SVG objects have better resolution and do not lose any quality when they are zoomed into. They can also be printed out with high quality at any resolution.
Enhancement - StudioStudio has been updated to now use a new Ribbon style toolbar.
Enhancement - Studio Getting StartedA new guided experience for first time users, helpful product tutorials, and sample applications will help users build their first report or dashboard in minutes.
Enhancement - Self-Service Reporting ModuleA new, embeddable module that enables end users to run ad hoc queries, analyze and visualize data, and use the output to create reports and dashboards.
Enhancement - PDF Engine UpgradeThe underlying .Net PDF exporting engine has been changed from an IE based HTML to a Gecko based HTML rendering option. The Gecko engine is a component independent of other parts of the OS. It will not be affected when IE or another local Firefox installation is upgraded.
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