Logi Info Version 12.1.188 SP3 released on 5/11/2016

Change TitleChange Description
Bookmark Actions - FirefoxBookmarks are now deleted properly in all supported browsers when using Action.RemoveBookmark and Action.RefreshElement.
Connection.DataHub - Analysis Grid ChartsPerformance is now improved for Analysis Grid charts that are grouped by date when Connection.DataHub is used.
Embedded Reports API – Startup ProcessEmbedded Logi Info applications that have a Startup Process no longer throw an error.
Input Checkbox - Unchecked ValuesInput Checkbox now sets unchecked value correctly on page postback with Action.Report.
OLAP Grid - FiltersOLAP Grid drilled down members are now removed correctly when filters are applied.
OLAP Grid - Save FileOLAP Grid charts created and saved in pre-12.0 versions of Logi Info will now render correctly.
Responsive Columns - ThemesResponsive Column elements, when used with certain Themes, now work correctly.
SecureKey - Group SharingSecured content for reports that are shared with a group is no longer shown to individuals that don't have the proper rights.
Security - InfoGo Column Security and SharingWhen Bookmarks are shared with the user who doesn't have access to certain columns, the following behavior is now applied: Analysis Bookmarks are hidden, Dashboard panels containing visualizations with restricted columns are hidden, Report Author visualizations that contain restricted columns are hidden.
Security - Secure ContentSecured content is no longer shown on a browser refresh in InfoGo when using SecureKey.
Security - SecureKey Restart SessionRestart Session now works correctly when SecureKey Security is applied to Logi Info applications.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid CrosstabSummary Function is now available for Count and Distinct Count Aggregate Functions in Analysis Grid Crosstab Table.
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