Logi Info Version 11.4.046 SP5 released on 4/28/2015

Change TitleChange Description
508 Compliance - Accessible HeadersThe headers attribute in the td cells does not contain the id for the corresponding th cell anymore.
508 Compliance - Chart CanvasCanvas Charts have been updated to now only have one Description tag set when it's set with Alternate Text attribute.
508 Compliance - ReportCenter MenuReportCenter Menu has been updated to be 508 Compliant. User can now use the tab key to expand the folders and tab into the reports.
Data Table - Group Header Row and Conditional ClassData Tables that contain a Group Header Row and a Conditional Class element will no longer throw an XSLT error.
Data Table - Group Header Row and Row ClassAn XSLT error is no longer thrown when the Row Class attribute is set in the Data Table that contains Group Header Row.
Export Excel - ThemesLogi Themes have been updated to ensure proper styling during Excel Exports.
MongoDB - ConnectionsMongoDB connections will now correctly close after MongoDB requests have been completed.
MongoDB - Procedure. Mongo Run CommandProcedure.Mongo Run Command will now work correctly in Logi Java.
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