Logi Info Version 12.0.036 released on 4/9/2015

Change TitleChange Description
ActiveSQL - Multi-Level GroupingSorting Analysis Grid, that has Multi-Level Grouping, on an Aggregate Column will no longer throw an ActiveSQL exception.
Analysis Grid - 508 ComplianceThe Analysis Grid Filter popup/iframe has been updated with a title attribute to be 508 Compliant.
Analysis Grid - Export ExcelIn Analysis Grid, the Data Table and Crosstab Table export to Excel and CSV will no longer cause Wait Panel to spin indefinitely.
Charts - Group DrillthroughGMT positive time offset values will now be correctly encoded when passing values with Group Drillthrough element under Charts.
Chart Canvas - Charts within Data TablesChart Canvas placed within a Data Table Column will now show all bars as equal widths when running the report in IE10.
Chart Canvas - Export ExcelWhen Windows Authentication is enabled on the application pool, Chart Canvas will no longer throw a (401) Unauthorized error when exported to Excel.
Chart Canvas - Lengthy QuicktipsLengthy Quicktips will no longer be cut off by the Canvas Chart border, but will now display their full content.
Chart Canvas - Special Characters in Labels X-axis Labels containing << or >> will now be correctly displayed in Canvas Charts.
Chart Grid - FiltersFilters are no longer removed from the Chart Grid when it's refreshed and rdCgRefreshData is passed.
Connection.DB2 - Port AttributeConnection.DB2 will now correctly access the database via the defined port.
DataLayer.XML - FlattenerFlattener element within a DataLayer now works properly with nested XML data.
Data Table - Row Class AttributeAn XSLT error is no longer thrown when the Row Class attribute is set in the Data Table with a Group Header Row,
Link Parameters - Plus Symbol@Chart tokens passed as link parameters will now correctly encode Plus symbols.
Logi Studio - Moving Multiple ElementsStudio will no longer throw an error when moving multiple elements (ctrl - select) within the report heirarchy.
Settings - Bookmark LocationThe Bookmark Location will now support a path external to the root directory of the application.
OLAP Grid - Canvas ChartsOLAP Grid generated charts will now correctly plot bar order based on OLAP Grid view.
Enhancement - Action.Popup MenuCondition attribute has been added to the Popup Option element.
Enhancement - ActiveSQL Buffer SizeDataLayer.ActiveSQL now provides an attribute, ActiveSql Buffer Size, to configure the buffer size that determines how many rows are returned by a query at a time when paging.
Enhancement - ActiveSQL ODBC/JDBC SupportDataLayer.ActiveSQL now supports ODBC and JDBC connections.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart AggregationsAnalysis Chart now allows applicable aggregations for non-numeric columns.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Bar OrientationThe Analysis Chart and Analysis Grid now allow end users to set the orientation of Bar charts to Horizontal or Vertical.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Control HidingAllow Control Hiding adds a button to the Analysis Chart that allows the user to collapse the chart controls.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Crosstab ChartsThe Analysis Chart and Analysis Grid now allow end users to create Crosstab Charts. Compare Column can be selected for Bar and Line charts.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Data Values DisplayAnalysis Chart and Analysis Grid now allow users the option to display data values for Pie and Bar charts.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart GaugesAnalysis Chart now has an option to let users create gauges.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Hide Columns OptionA new attribute, No Compare, allows or disallows a column in Analysis Chart from showing up in the Compare Column dropdown list.
Enhancement - Analysis Chart Relevance FilterThe Analysis Chart and Analysis Grid now allow end users to control the use and type of Relevance for Pie and Bar charts.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Batch SelectionNew Batch Selection attribute is now available for Analysis Grid and Analysis Chart. When it's set, the charts and crosstabs are not updated after each selection. Users have to click OK when they are ready for changes to be applied.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Charts and Crosstab TablesWhen working with a Chart or Crosstab Table, the visualization now automatically changes as the user makes selections. (This feature may be over-ridden so an OK button updates the visualization.) New features are added to charting, such as showing data values, better date-selection options, and building multi-series charts with dynamic legends. New features are added to Crosstab Tables too. These changes impact the Analysis Grid’s template file – so Analysis Grid Template Modifier Files may need updating.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Crosstab Compare ColumnsThe colors available for Crosstab Comparison in Analysis Grid can now be reversed by the end user with Reverse Compare Columns option.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid Menu OptionsAnalysis Grid is redesigned to deliver a better user experience. For tables, commonly used menu options can now be accessed from column headers. Users can pick a column, then the action to Sort, Format, Filter, Group, Aggregate, Chart, or Crosstab.
Enhancement - Animated MapsThe Animated Maps will now render as JavaScript.
Enhancement - Application CookiesThe Web.config file has been updated to set cookies to http only. All new Logi Info applications will now have httpOnlyCookies set to "True".
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Color Attribute@Chart tokens can now be used to render the color for Series.Line and Series.Scatter.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas ExportsExports with Chart Canvas elements now include chart changes made by the end user, including legend filtering, zoom, and input selections.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Export PDFChart Canvas exporting to PDF on Solaris OS will now be done via Selenium.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Group DrillthroughGroup Drillthrough is now supported with Chart Canvas.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Negative ValuesThe autoscaling alogrithm in Canvas Charts has been updated to not show negative y-axis values when all the data points are positive.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Real Time Update APIA new JavaScript API has been introduced to Chart Canvas charts that allows JavaScript developers to push fresh data into a chart already displayed. The chart updates with a smooth animation.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Refresh Series TimerA Refresh Series Timer element has been introduced that shows dynamic realtime data with smooth animation when updating the data.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Series.Line and SplineDifferent Color and Line Style can now be set for Series.Line and Series.Spline segments. @Chart tokens can be used to accomplish this.
Enhancement - Chart Canvas Y-AxisA new attribute, Reversed Stack Series Order, was added to Y-Axis element under Chart Canvas
Enhancement - Crosstab Filter Distinct CountThe Extra Crosstab Value Column now supports the Distinct Count Value Function.
Enhancement - Crosstab Filter Maximum Rows AttributeThe Crosstab Filter provides a configurable setting to define the maximum number of rows to be processed. A new attribute has been added - Maximum Crosstab Rows.
Enhancement - Custom Dashboard PanelsVisualizations saved to the Dashboard Save File/Gallery File from Olap and Dimension Grids will now be saved with the correct DataLayers and not Static DataLayers.
Enhancement - Dashboards PerformanceMultiple Dashboard Panels are now processed in parallel threads. This boosts the performance of large Dashboards.
Enhancement - DataLayers PerformanceSome types of DataLayers located under UI elements are processed in parallel threads, thus improving performance. The greatest performance improvements are realized for reports which have more than one long-running DataLayer. Multithreading is supported for all DataLayer types except for the following: DataLayers under Local Data, Linked, XML File, Cached, Bookmark, Static, any DataLayer used with Auto Columns.
Enhancement - Data Definitions for REST Data ServicesA new Data definition has been introduced and made available in Logi Studio. Now Logi application can become a provider of data in JSON and JSONP formats, for use by non-Logi components.
Enhancement - DebuggerThe display of data in debug traces has been improved to improve readability.
Enhancement - Dimension Grid Distinct CountDistinct Counts are now available on Measures in Dimension Grid.
Enhancement - Format mpsxThe Metric Prefix Format now allows rounding to a specified number of significant digits. The new format is mpsx , where 'x' is the number of significant figures.
Enhancement - Gauge.ArcA new SVG gauge,Gauge.Arc, has been introduced to enable a simple, clean visualization of a data value within an arc.
Enhancement - Gauge.Bullet Bar and Gauge.BalloonGauge.Bullet Bar and Gauge.Balloon Bar have been updated to display as SVG by default.
Enhancement - IFrame Embedding RestrictionsA new attribute, IFrame Embedding Host Restrictions, was added to the General element in Setting. This attribute is used to set the the X-Frame-Options directive on the HTML response to restrict how the report or page is framed by the parent application.
Enhancement - InfoGo Constant goBatchSelection InfoGO admin can set a flag to turn on the BatchSelection in AnalysisGrid so that OK buttons are used for updating Charts and Crosstabs. The new attribute is . The default is "False". The attribute may be added manually for upgrading customers. It is included with new installs.
Enhancement - Input Color PickerAn Input Color Picker element allows users to select a color via a clickable icon that displays a color palette pop-up. The selected color value can be accessed via a Request token.
Enhancement - Input Elements AutoCompleteAn AutoComplete element has been added to Input Text and Input Email elements. It looks at data from a DataLayer to complete text in a parent text box.
Enhancement - Input Elements Placeholder AttributeThe following input elements now support a Placeholder attribute - Text, Email, Password, Time, Date, Telephone.
Enhancement - JavaScript MinificationComboLoader has been replaced with a better way of loading application JavaScript files. All JavaScript files are combined and minified into just three files located in rdTemplate\rdCombinedScripts. The feature can be turned off to load all files individually.
Enhancement - Json DataNew attribute values were added to Json Data element to support Data Definition type. For Data Definitions, Json Var Name can now be set to "Exclude". Json Style can now be set to "RowsToValueArrays".
Enhancement - Logi Info LicensingLogi Info V12 requires new license keys for Server and Studio.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Chart WizardThe Chart Wizard in Studio has been updated to provide a much more user friendly experience. The new Add a Chart or Gauge Wizard is now available. Old Chart Wizards have been removed.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Crosstab Table WizardThe Crosstab Table Wizard in Studio has been updated to provide a much more user friendly experience.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Data Table WizardThe Data Table Wizard in Studio has been updated to provide a much more user friendly experience.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Help InfoHelp Info links in Logi Studio will now be launched in default browser and not in IE only.
Enhancement - Logi Studio PreviewThe preview in Studio will now work in IE11 mode, if that is installed.
Enhancement - Logi Studio ReportsNew reports in Studio will no longer include the Report Header and Report Footer elements, and will include the Style element only if no Global Style has been defined.
Enhancement - Logi Studio Source Code Repository FriendlyStudio now has a Source Code Repository Friendly option which allows attribues in defititions to be saved on new lines and makes it easier to identify what has changed between versions.
Ehancement - OLAP GridWhen querying SSAS cubes, the translated name for the top dimension is now displayed.
Enhancement - SecurityA CSRF token validation is now added to every request (standard and AJAX).
Enhancement - SSRM DB2 SupportDB2 is now a supported database with ActiveSQL and SSRM.
Enhancement - SSRM Group SharingBookmark Organizer now supports sharing with groups of users. A new attribute, Group Identifier Column, was added to the Sharing List element.
Enhancement - SSRM Redshift SupportAmazon Redshift is now a supported database with SSRM.
Enhancement - Wait PanelThe Wait Panel animation has been enhanced.
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