Logi Info Version 12.1.188 SP1 released on 3/17/2016

Change TitleChange Description
Analysis Grid - Add to DashboardThe Action.Add Dashboard Panel's Image attribute will now correctly supply an image in the "Add Panels" list.
Analysis Grid - Calendar PopupCalendar Popup control in Analysis Grid has been enhanced for better performance.
Input Checkbox List - Caption ValuesInput Checkbox List has been updated to now reduce the number of viewable caption values before displaying "X selected", when Checkbox List Dropdown is set to True.
Input Checkbox List - ScrollbarsInput Checkbox List will now correctly display scrollbars when the item count of the list expands the element exceeding the allowed height and width of the element.
PDF Exports - Request ForwardingRequest Forwarding will now work correctly for PDF Exports.
PDF Exports - Special Characters in Link ParametersPDF Exports that use the Export Filename attribute will now correctly encode special characters in Link Parameters passed with Action.Export PDF.
Enhancement - SchedulerThe Scheduler will now support the passing of session variables during the execution of a scheduled task. New attribute, Scheduler Session Variables, has been added to Procedure.Scheduler Create Task, Procedure.Scheduler Update Task, and ReportCenter Menu.
Enhancement - SSRM SchedulerSession variables are now supported during Task execution. A new constant, goSchedulerSessionVars, needs to be added and set to session variable names.
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