Logi Info Version 11.3.049 SP2 released on 7/25/2014

Change TitleChange Description
Chart Canvas - Axis Caption A Tab character used in the Axis Caption of Canvas Chart will no longer throw an error.
Chart Canvas - PDF ExportPDF Export will no longer throw an error when Input Selection Point under Chart Canvas has an Action element.
Chart Canvas - Secondary Data AxisChart Canvas Secondary Data Axis has been updated to apply the correct scale regardless of the Primary Data Axis scale.
Input Radio Button - Action.Refresh ElementInput Radio Buttons will now pass parameter values correctly during AJAX refreshes.
Input Text - Formula in Caption Input Text elements that contain a formula for the Caption attribute will no longer throw an error.
Labels - HTML TagLabels that use HTML Tag with HTML Format will no longer throw a conversion error.
PDF Exports - Page HeaderPDF Exports that contain a conditioned Division in a Page Header of Printable Paging element will no longer show "Page Header" in the PDF Export.
Procedure.Export PDF - Repeat ElementsProcedure.Export PDF will now correctly execute and export reports with Repeat Elements.
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