Logi Info Version 11.4.046 SP4 released on 3/3/2015

Change TitleChange Description
Chart Canvas - Alternate TextChart Canvas now includes a new alternative text attribute.
Chart Canvas - DrilldownChart Canvas will no longer throw an error on multi-level drilldowns.
Chart Canvas - Numerical RoundingChart Canvas numerical rounding format has been updated to match the current format found in Quicktips.
Chart Canvas - SSL EncryptionLogi applications that make use of SSL will now be able to export reports containing Canvas Charts to Excel and Word.
Dashboard - Free Form LayoutThe Panel Parameter selection window will no longer get hidden behind Dashboard panels in Free Form Layout when z-index value of the panel grows to a large number.
Dashboards - Input Radio ButtonAdding multiple instances of a Dashboard Panel that contains Input Radio Buttons will no longer cause duplicate Radio Buttons be displayed.
Data Table Column - ConditionsData Table Column Conditions that make use of an Aggregate Column will no longer throw an error.
InfoGo - Request Object ContentRequest object dependent content will no longer throw a JavaScript error when adding the content to a report.
Input Checkbox List - Action.Refresh ElementThe performance of a large Input Checkbox List element refreshed by an Action.Refresh element has been improved.
PDF Export - Large Export SizesPDF Exports that exceed the stitch size limit will no longer throw an error but will be parsed accordingly during the export process.
PDF Template - Flatten FieldsWhen the PDF Form and PDF Form Field elements have Flatten=True, an error will no longer be thrown.
Procedure.Email HTML Reports - OLAP GridProcedure.Send HTML Report that contains OLAP content will now include all required images.
Themes - Group HeadersGroup header styles have been updated to work with all Themes.
Validation - AJAX RefreshValidation elements will now ensure proper valdiation when Action Refresh is called on multiple inputs some of which don't require validation.
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