Logi Info Version 12.0.036 SP2 released on 7/14/2015

Change TitleChange Description
508 Compliance - Analysis Grid Crosstab TableCrosstab Tables created within Analysis Grid will now have Accessible Summary attribute set by default.
Active Query BuilderActiveSql Buffer Size attribute is now available for Active Query Builder.
Analysis Grid - Compare ColorsReverse Compare Colors option is now available for Crosstab Tables within Analysis Grid.
Analysis Grid - Export File NamesFile names for Data Tables and Crosstab Tables exported from Analysis Grid will now have more user friendly names, such as Table_550.xls and Crosstab_2885.pdf.
Analysis Grid - Saved FilesMultiple attempts to save an Analysis Grid to save files with the same file name will no longer result in an error.
Calculated Column - DateSerial FunctionThe DateSerial function has been updated to properly process leap year related dates.
Chart Canvas - @Chart Token @Chart tokens that resolve to strings with spaces will no longer resolve as blanks when used in Action.JavaScript under Chart Canvas.
Chart Canvas - Bubble SizeBubbles will now grow smoothly for Series.Bubble when Bubble Max and Min Sizes are set.
Chart Canvas - Chart LabelsClicking values in the Legend will no longer cause extra labels to appear in the chart.
Chart Canvas - Custom FormatsCustom negative percent formats, such as (##0.00%), used in Data Labels or Label Style elements, will now correctly convert numeric values to percentage.
Chart Canvas - Export PDFThe points will now be plotted correctly in PDF export when Series.Spline only has two points in the chart.
Chart Canvas- Format AttributeCanvas Charts have been updated to show consistent values for the Data Label and Quicktips when rounded with the Format attribute.
Chart Canvas - Formatted ColumnFormatted Column Format applied to the date passed from Chart Canvas in @Chart token will now be applied correctly.
Chart Canvas - Legend Special CharactersCanvas Chart will no longer throw an error when Legend contains Crosstab Column values with special characters.
Chart Canvas - No Data with Crosstab FilterCanvas Charts that contain a Crosstab Filter and where the query brings back no data will now correctly display the "No data to display" message.
Chart Canvas - QuicktipsInitially hidden Canvas Charts will now correctly display correlating Quicktip values.
Chart Canvas - Series.HeatmapSeries.Heatmap will now support click events when a label within a cell has been clicked.
Chart Canvas- Side Label StyleThe Font Size attribute of Side Label Style will now support @Chart tokens.
Chart Canvas - Tokenized Chart ColorsColor attribute set to a token will now set legend colors correctly for Canvas Charts with a Crosstab Filter.
Chart Canvas - X-Axis Label FormatChart Canvas with a formatted X-Axis label will no longer encode special characters during rendering.
Chart Canvas - X-Axis ScaleCanvas Chart X-axis will now scale tick marks consistently.
Chart Canvas - Zero RowsLogi Java Canvas Charts will no longer throw a null pointer reference error when chart is refreshed and DataLayer returns 0 rows.
Chart Canvas - Zoom ControlWhen Zooming on an area that contains no data, the Restore function will now correctly display the chart's data points.
Dashboard - Animated Charts w/ ResizerDashboard Panels that contain an Animated Chart with a Resizer element will no longer cause other panels that contain a Resizer element to render as blank when the original panel has been removed.
Dashboard - Input Checkbox ListDashboard Panel that contains hierarchical Input Checkbox List will now correctly save the input values to the Dashboard Save file.
Dashboard - SubReport with Chart CanvasDashboard Panels, that contain Chart Canvas within a SubReport where the Chart and SubReport's height & width have not been defined, will now properly resize in Internet Explorer.
Data Table - Active SQL w/ 0 RowsData Tables with ActiveSQL and Header Row element will no longer throw an error when Hide When Zero Rows has been set to True.
Data Tree - Action.RefreshA Data Tree that contains an Input Checkbox will no longer throw an error during an AJAX refresh.
Export Excel - Column AlignmentExcel exports will now correctly right align numeric columns.
Export Excel - ThemesDefault Themes have been updated to correct styling issues during Excel exports.
Export PDF - Cached Style SheetsWhen CSS files have classes that frequently get updated, caching of CSS Classes in Logi Java PDF Exports can now be prevented by setting a new Constant: rdJavaPdfClearCache = True.
Export PDF - Single Column TablesPDF Exports of Data Tables that only contain a single column will no longer cause a looping scenario.
Input Checkbox List - IE8, IE9 SupportInput Checkbox List Dropdown will now expand correctly when rendered in Internet Explorer 8, and 9.
Input Selection Range - Selection AreaInput Selection Range selection area will now correctly match chart dimensions.
Input Checkbox List - Unselected ValuesThe default behavior for Input Checkbox List has been updated to now pass blank values instead of Default Request Parameters values for unselected checkboxes.
Logi Studio - Find and Replace WindowFocus is now reset correctly to the Find and Replace window after performing a search.
Logi Studio - Invalid ConnectionsStudio's Database Browser will now show a different icon and a tooltip for invalid connections indicating that the driver specified in the connection string has a problem.
Logi Studio - Process FilesWhen certain actions are performed while modifying Process Files that include remarked elements, Studio will no longer throw errors.
Logi Studio - Ribbon Access ControlStudio's Tools -> Options -> Enable ribbon access with Alt key option will now retain its configuration upon closing and relaunching Studio.
Logi Studio - Search FunctionLogi Studio's Search function will no longer throw an exception when searching for values wrapped in single quotes.
Logi Studio - Selecting Multiple ValuesMulti selection of values from the attribute's dropdown using the Ctrl key will now add values correctly separated by commas.
Logi Studio - SQL Query Builder DB2SQL Query Builder has been updated to address syntax issues for DB2 databases.
Logi Studio - SQL Query Builder IBM iSeriesStudio's Query Builder, Database Browser, and Metadata Builder have been updated to correctly support IBM iSeries DB2 database.
MongoDB - DatesLogi Java engine will now correctly recognize DateTime data type values coming from MongoDB database as dates.
OLAP Grid - Cell Colors AttributeWhen OLAP Cell Colors attribute is set to True, an OLAP Grid will now correctly display Calculated Members' colors defined in Analysis Services.
OLAP Grid - Group By HierarchyWhen the Group By Hierarchy is set to True, Measures will now be sorted by Measure Name and not by the group name in the Measures Panel.
OLAP Grid - OLAP Filter PanelWhen OLAP Filter Panel element has OLAP Filter Types attribute set to "Include", the Filter Panel will now correctly show only Include Filters.
OLAP Grid - Swapped AxisSwapping Axis within the OLAP Grid will no longer display wrong values for repeated items.
Parallel Processing - Connection.SalesforceMultiple Dashboard Panels that use Connection.Salesforce will no longer generate an error.
Parallel Processing - Large DatasetsLogi Java multi-threading timeout has been increased to 20 minutes to eliminate possible issues with large datasets.
Quicktips - Currency FormatsChart Canvas rendered in Internet Explorer will now display Currency formatted Quicktips correctly.
Responsive Column - Input Date CalendarInput Date elements contained within a Responsive Column will no longer open the calendar control within the Column, but instead in a popup.
Scripting Engine - Special CharactersCustom JavaScript used in conditions or calculations will no longer throw an error when encounter a Line Feed or Carriage Return in @Data tokens.
Security - Json ColumnSecurity Right ID can now be set for Json Column found under the Json Data element.
Security - rdRequestForwarding TagsIf default report contains Chart.XY element and Standard Security has been implemented, after logging in, the report will no longer have user information included in rdRequestForwarding tags.
SSRM - Metadata Builder PerformanceMetadata Builder's performance is now improved for databases with a large number of schemas.
SSRM - Metadata Builder Unsupported Data TypesUsers now get a warning after selecting tables that columns with unsupported data types can't be included in metadata file.
SubReports - Validation Embedded Subreports that contain Validation will no longer cause Validation elements in the parent report to fail to execute.
Enhancement - Action.Add Dashboard PanelNew attribute Add Panel LocalData IDs is now available for Action.Add Dashboard Panel element. DataLayers of LocalData IDs specified in this attribute are copied to the Dashboard Panel and run when Dashboard is run.
Enhancement - Analysis Grid FiltersNew Filter options, In List and Not In List, are now available for Analysis Grid. If Analysis Grid Column has Popup Values for Filter attribute set to "List", users get a popup with Input Checkbox List when they select a new Filter option. Multiple values are added in a comma separated list.
Enhancement - Compare FiltersNew Compare Types, In List and Not In List, are now available for Compare Filters and Sql Compare Filters.
Enhancement - Google Maps API FunctionsWhen working with Google Maps, the following Javascript API functions are now available: "rdCreate" event - fires before map create. Event contains 3 properties: map id, map options, map container(div). Developers can change and expand the "mapOptions" object. "rdCreated" event - fires after creating the gmap object. The event exposes 4 properties: mapObject, map id, map options, map container(div). "rdGetGMapObject" – this function returns the gmap object.
Enhancement - Google and Animated MapsGoogle Maps and Animated Maps can now be exported to PDF.
Enhancement - Input CheckboxNew Unchecked Value attribute is now available for Input Checkbox. It sets the value that's passed when the item is not selected.
Enhancement - Metadata Builder Link URLFrame ID can now be set for links set on columns in Metadata Builder.
Enhancement - Plugin Call for Data DefinitionsPlugin Call element is added to Data definitions.
Enhancement - SecureKey SecurityAuthentication Client Addresses attribute now allows for wildcard masks and computer names to be specified.
Enhancement - Vertica Cluster SupportNew attributes, Vertica Backup Server and Vertica Load Balance, are now available for Connection.Vertica.
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