Logi Info Version 11.2.040 SP6 released on 4/1/2014

Change TitleChange Description
AuthSession Security - Session Expired The AuthSession security model will now take the user back to the login screen after an AJAX call has been executed during an expired session.
Bookmarks - Analysis Grid Chart TitlesAnalysis Grid created charts will now retain the Chart Title when the Analysis Grid is loaded via a Bookmark.
Dashboard - Dashboard Save FileThe Dashboard Save file will no longer be accessed or updated unless an actual layout/configuration change has been made to the Dashboard.
Dashboards - Default Request Parameters In cases where two Dashboard Panels have the same Default Request Parameter and parameter in the first panel has a value but in the second panel it's left blank, the second panel will not pick the value from the first panel.
Dashboards - Local DataLayers All Local Datalayers nested under a Dashboard Panel will now refresh when an AJAX call has been executed within that Panel.
Label - Error Result ValueNew Constants can be added for situations where divide by zero may be possible. This will force the engine to display the Error Result's configured value as opposed to "NaN". Constants: rdInfinityErrorResult (your value) - global error result. It is overridden by local error result if set in the report. rdJavascriptInfinityIsError (True) - this is the Constant that forces to return an error when there is a division by zero.
Tabs - Resizable ColumnsTabs that contain multiple Data Tables where Resizable Columns is set to "True" will no longer throw a rdComboLoader JavaScript Error when resizing.
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