Logi Info Version 11.4.046 SP3 released on 1/12/2015

Change TitleChange Description
Active Query Builder - Max Rows ExportThe Max Rows Export attribute will now correctly be applied for Analysis Grids that have Active Query Builder.
Chart Canvas - Y- Axis ScaleCanvas Charts with Date data types will no longer auto scale the Y-axis with negative values.
Chart Canvas - Zoom ControlZoom Control for Canvas Charts have been enabled for Internet Explorer 8.
DataLayer.Cached - Expiration Time SpanDataLayer.Cached created cache files will now expire correctly based on the Expiration Time Span value.
DataLayer.Cached - Expire NowCache file will now be correctly updated with new times and data when ExpireNow=True is passed to the report.
Embedded Reports API - Report AuthorAdding elements to Report Author will no longer cause a growing scrollbar when used with Embedded Reports API.
Embedded Reports API - Scroll Position Embedded Reports API will correctly re-establish horizontal scroll positioning when moving from a wider report to narrower.
Report Author - Split Row ImagesImages contained in a Split Row will no longer inject a horizontal scroll bar.
Series.Whiskers - Crosstab FilterSeries.Whiskers will now correctly support the Crosstab Filter when parent Series are present.
SSRM - Metadata BuilderColumns that are unchecked in Metadata Builder will no longer be included in a report query.
SSRM - Metadata BuilderMetadata Builder will now work correctly when Connection String is specified in the Connection element.
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