Logi Info Version 12.0.036 SP5 released on 12/10/2015

Change TitleChange Description
Bookmark Organizer - Bookmark CollectionThe Bookmark Collection attribute (Bookmark Organizer element) when defined will now be regarded as the primary Bookmark Collection location.
Canvas Chart - Resizing in Column Cell Chart Canvas nested under Rows | Row | Column Cell will now correctly resize when browser window resizes.
Chart Canvas - HTTPS PDF Exports of a Chart Canvas Chart that does not contain Height and Width values will no longer throw an error in HTTPS based applications.
Chart Canvas - Windows SecurityApplications with Windows Security implemented will no longer cause PhantomJS errors when exporting Chart Canvas to PDF.
Chart Canvas - Multi-DataLayer QuicktipsChart Canvas that contains multiple DataLayers will no longer hide secondary DataLayers when displaying Quicktips from the primary DataLayer.
Embedded Reports API - Expanding Continuously HorizontallyEmbedded SSRM will no longer expand continuously horizontally when selecting an analysis report.
Embedded Reports API - Modal Background Expanding ContinuouslyEmbedded SSRM with data-autoSizing set to all will no longer continuously expand the background modal when adding images or panels.
Embedded Reports API - Resizing on DropdownsPadding on the EmbedAPI frame has been increased to a default of 20 px. A new attribute, data-heightOffset, has been introduced to give developers the ability to override the default.
Google Maps - Client IDGoogle Map API has been updated to now include Client ID with every API request.
Heatmap - High/Low Values RangeHeatmaps that contain a wide range between High and Low Values will no longer cause the browser to stop responding.
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